Felice Esposito Corcione was born in 1946 in Marigliano (Naples). In 1973 he graduated in Engineering at Naples University «Federico II». After the military service, he joned the National Research Council of Italy at Istituto Motori of Naples. In 1997 was chosen as Director of Istituto Motori. He has published more than 300 scientific papers on journals and international congress in the field of fluidynamics and combustion of internal combustion engines. He is well known in the world, particularly in USA, Japan and Europe where he has been invited as Professor from many Universities.

In January 2012, Felice Corcione retired from CNR and started his new agricultural activity. Thanks to his country origins and good agricultural background decided that the Vigna Maurisi (vineyard), situated in Prata P.U. that is one of the most important production area of Greco di Tufo DOCG wine, was the ideal place to make a return to the world of his childhood.

He strongly and clearly wishes to be successful. In this he is helped by his vineyards, planted on hillsides favoured by excellent microclimatic conditions. The choise of the grapes fell naturally and above all on the Greco di Tufo and Aglianico varieties. These two Campanian grapes variety produce very excellent wines. Both white and red are described as having volcanic mineral flavors, which are due in large parts to the local soils, many of which have been altered by deposits of lava from Mount Vesuvius over the centuries.

Greco di Tufo is a dry white wine with aromas of lemon and pear with notes of almond and a light minerality in the finish.
Aglianico is a red wine that have deep ruby red color, aromas of ripe black cherries tinged with bitter chocolate and firm tannins.