The Biodynamic Cultivation of Vigna Maurisi

Felice Corcione applies the biodynamic cultivation of his vineyard. In particular, care with determination of the processes that generate the forces connected to the ground on one side and those related to the light of the sun on the other, keeping them in harmony. Therefore, the vineyard “lives” in the balance between these two forces. With the use of natural compost helps the formation of humus in the soil, true reservoir of vitality and wealth. Compost promotes processes that implement soil fertility. To this it is associated with the water used, always pure, rain and spring, which becomes the carrier of living “information” that will lead to soil and the vines.

With the autumn sowing of various essences multifloreals which then bury in the spring increases biodiversity, making the vineyard closest to the natural ecosystem spontaneous.

In spring the green manure is high, full of flowers, but especially deep and strong roots, real creators of soil structure: proceed then with the chopping and trimming rows; burial of organic matter quickly turns into humus.

Thanks to the biodynamic cultivation a grape quality and wine rich in alluring aromas is obtained.